"...so many books, so little time..."

-Frank Zappa

Books are a joy to behold, and I always feel that an audio book should bring the same amount of wonder to the listener as it does to the reader. Fiction or non-fiction, specialised or standardised, I love finding the energy within a book and bringing it to the fore.
That's the joy of narrating audio books - I get to share my vision of the story with you all.

I'm really lucky in that I know some fantastic authors, two of whom have allowed me to sample their work to reproduce on this site.
My eternal grateful thanks go to tramcar afficionado Martin Wilson and best-selling author (and incredible stand-up comic) Mark Barrowcliffe for allowing me to use their work.

Click below to have a listen. Don't forget to follow the links to buy the books afterwards!

Blackpool Coronation Cars - by Martin Wilson.

An insightful guide into a particular type of Tramcar on the infamous Blackpool Tramway, written by Martin Wilson.

The book presented a great opportunity to take the listener back to the inception of these tramcars. Bringing the authors rendition of events surrounding these historic trams cars to life provided a great opportunity for me to show off an engaging, yet entertaining style of story telling.

Blackpool Coronation Cars is available here

Wolfsangel - by M.D. Lachlan

"Wolfsangel" is the first in a series of novels from critically acclaimed fantasy author M.D. Lachlan.

Steeped in Norse mythology, Wolfsangel gave me a chance to explore the tension within the storytellers role to enhance the narrative, as well as flex my vocal chords on some excellent Viking characters.

Wolfsangel is available to purchase here