A great first impression...

Corporate telephone systems are changing.
Voice over IP means that no matter how small or large a company, they can present a great image to customers with bespoke menu's, customisable announcements and tailor-made voicemail greetings as part of the package.

The trouble is, while Alice in accounts sounds a bit posh and Phil from finance can talk for England, neither of them sound amazing on their tinny, recorded message that greets your customers when they call.

That's where I can help.

I use a professional standard broadcast quality condenser microphone in a sound-proof booth.
No more siblance, pops or breath sounds down a small telephone receiver.
Whether you need a full suite of digital receptionist voice prompts, system announcements, and voicemails, or a simple "Thanks for calling", I can record whatever you need to say however you need to say it.

Just get in touch and let me know what it is you're looking for.
If you're still not convinced, feel free to have a listen to some samples from my showreel below.